Wet Blade Slasher/other plant and equipmrent.

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This unique Wet Blade Slasher has the ability to apply chemical directly to the cut weeds/vegetation.

It does this by chemical injection under the blades of the slasher (chemical comes out through a small hole in the slasher blade bolts).

This not only gives a superior kill for selected weeds, but is a low impact, low risk way of applying chemical as there is no drift risk.

Trials done so far have been out standing.

If you have a broad acre weed problem, the Wet Blade Slasher could be the answer.

Farming Plant

S&G has for hire all aspects of farming plant including:

  • Tractors
  • Grain Harvesters
  • Disc/Tyne ploughs
  • Power Harrows
  • Boom/Spot Sprayers