Woodchip (Biofuels/Biochar/Boiler Fuel/Compost/Feedlot Bedding)

Timber is one of the most valuable, renewable resources the world has.

It is becoming less acceptable to open burn “waste” timber as it is a valuable energy and environmental resource.

S&G now has available equipment to fully utilize this resource.

This system compromises a:

  • Tree felling equipment.
  • High powered tractor mounted chipper (chip up to 400mm log) with hydraulic grapple.
  • Haul out bins.

The chipper is mounted on a “Reversible Console” tractor (300 Hp) fitted with a hydraulic arm grapple.

There is now no need for personnel to “hand feed” timber into the chipper, as the operator can do it all in the cab. Massive WH&S benefits.

This chip can either be distributed onto rows/ground or,  into a bin towed by the tractor, to be dumped where needed for composting or other utilisation.

Capacity of up to 150m3/Hr is possible.

Timber resource includes:

  • Sawmill waste
  • Plantation prunnings/thinning’s
  • Logging residue
  • Storm damage clean-up
  • Noxious weeds (Camphor Laurel, etc.)


Plantation woodchip being delivered to customers.

Plantation woodchip being delivered to customers.